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How to Decora yourself!

“Decora” you say, what is that?

Let us enlighten you..!Decora

Decora is a Japanese word shortened from the English word “Decoration” and that is exactly what Decora is all about; decoration! Wearing as many accessories, toys and plushies as possible. You will be able to hear a Decora-chan coming a mile away - with all their necklaces and accessories clicking against each other.

Most people find Decora via the FRUiTS magazine (magazine which contains pictures of Japanese street-fashion) - and will call this style ‘FRUiTS’ until they realize the proper name for it. Everybody loves Decora for different reasons; because it’s different and colorful or just because it’s kawaii (ed; japanese for cute).

Now we will show you how you can do decora at home, because not all of us are lucky enough to live in Japan. If you are not a big fan of pink, that is okay, we are not either. But it is great fun – you should try it!

Step 1a: Clothes

Look into your closet and find whatever colorful pieces of clothes you have. Think pattern, neon, rainbow.


Step 1b:

Fashion is all about layers! Layers people, don’t forget! Whatever you do, don’t try to mix and match, just throw it on! Knee-high socks, stockings, leg warmers, bows, skirts, blouses, gloves – mix it all and layer it!


Step 2: Face

The most important thing in most outfits is the face. But not in this one! Actually the face doesn’t matter. You can actually cover it up with a colorful hygiene face mask, facial stickers and/or e.g. hello kitty bandages (yes actually just find everything with hello kitty).


Step 3a: Hair

We all love hair accessories! Find all your hairclips, especially leftovers from your childhood are perfect (or you could steal some from your younger siblings, cousins or nieces). If you happen to find a can of temporary hair-dye in bright colors, don not be afraid to put it in your bag (that you brought to raid your sisters).

Step 3b: How to arrange the hair accessories

After gathering the approximate amount shown on the previous picture, try to fit as many as possible into your hair, especially your fringe. Do not forget: pigtails are always popular. Hairband, headband, Alice band – catch them all!


Step 4: Other accessories and things we forgot to mention

Bags; colors, bows, laces, frills – yes get it from your siblings. Hello Kitty, Disney, whatever cute things.

Plastic bracelets in wonderful colors and patterns. It is almost work-out while wearing them all.

And don’t forget your small teddy bears, they are very popular in decora. Fasten them to your clothes, bags, everywhere.

Places that you can get your decora stuff:

  • New Yorker

  • H&M (kids department – hairclips etc.)

  • Glitter (depends)

  • Kids toy shops (some have accessories)

  • Basically you’re going for kids’ stuff – with the exception of clothes.

Step 5: Pose!

Almost the most important thing! No matter what Harajuku-style you are wearing – always have a killer-pose ready! We recommend:


kani, kitsune, victory, flash, neko etc.

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