Fashion Coverage

The homegrown Japanese fashion covered by Fruits is similar to most modern global street fashions. The look of the fashion in

this magazine is eclectic and diverse, making it hard to categorize this magazine to a specific genre. That said, the "Fruits look" could be summarized as combining traditional Japanese styles of dress with an irreverent approach to modifying and combining elements of clothing, accessories, and technology.

Decora, also known as "Decoration" or "Decora-chan", is one of many street fashions showcased by the magazine. It consists of colorful clothing and accessories from head to toe. The style is sometimes mistakenly called "Fruits-style" by people outside of Japan.[citation needed] Decora clothing is simple, and the accessories include plastic toys and jewelry, which click together and make noise as the wearer moves.

Compared to other styles

The fashion styles showcased in Fruits have a parallel concerning the disregard to conventions that punk takes to the extreme. However, unlike the punk movement, there is no nihilist agenda.

photographs styles which are distinct from Cosplay, which is a hobby where people dress like their favourite manga, anime, or video-game character, and not an actual fashion statement.
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